I apologize for my lack of postings in the last two weeks. School is nearing its end thank goodness and finals are coming up. Hopefully I can get back into the groove of blogging with this post. I thought I would try something new instead of just a boring ole’ recap. This highlights my top 10 favorite things about The Vampire Diaries 4×07 “My Brother’s Keeper” episode…here it goes.

Something BIG is about to go down in Mystic Falls, and Hayley and Professor Shane are conspiring together. What does this mean? Hayley just wants Tyler to be left of out it (dawh!). I don’t know what to make of this. I’m intrigued to say the least.


Seriously though, these guys are so hot. Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE Tyler and Caroline but Michael Trevino and Phoebe Tonkin’s chemistry is just off the charts. I ship them. I’m waiting for them to get together. WHATEVER YOU DO JULIE PLEC, DO NOT GET RID OF TONKIN!

Damon tries to get Stefan to go on a brotherly bonding adventure to find out more info about Professor Shane or just get drunk and have fun (AWWWW). Stefan, still reeling over his break-up with Elena, shoots him down after telling him about him and Elena. In true asshole form, Stefan’s all like “Don’t pretend this isn’t the best day of your life” and basically Damon’s expression says “Yeah, it really is. But hey I’m trying to be a supportive older bro. Don’t hate on me.”


Damon finds out about the break-up from Elena
 at the Lockwood Mansion, Elena tells Damon they need to talk. Elena tells Damon that she and Stefan broke up because of her feelings for him (OMG). They start eye-flirting BIG TIME, and then DelenaBlocker #1 Professor Shane comes by looking for Damon. Sigh.

Caroline is SICK of Elena’s more than obvious infatuation with Damon. Caroline is TOTALLY Team Stefan, which I can understand since Damon did practically abuse her in season one via compulsion. However, as a friend, it’s ultimately not her business so she really should stay out of it. Plus, she is about to become the BIGGEST hypocrite if she continues to delve into a flirtationship with Klaus.

DAMN! Didn’t see that coming. After Stefan forces Jeremy to kill a newbie vampire to get more of the map tattoo thingy for the cure, the hunter inside Jeremy grows. He doesn’t want to kill Elena but the hunter’s power inside of him is becoming uncontrollable. He tries to kill Elena. Stefan comes in and breaks it up. Elena is naturally spooked about this.


JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH. YES! While Jeremy is off with Stefan getting Buffyfied, April is left escortless at the Miss Mystic Pageant. However, Matt swoops in and saves the day! THAT SMILE. DEAR GOD. PLEASE LET THIS BE A NATURAL OCCURRENCE. To be honest, I was perfectly okay with the episode after that. He was just too adorable.

OMGOSH. Klaus and Caroline’s scenes together in this episode are why I totally and 100% fully support them. It was just so effortless. Klaus calms Caroline down after she bitches at Elena about Damon. They share a few laughs. He evens reads from her Miss Mystic application. They get personal. She asks him if he had ever thought about being human. Only once he said and it had something to do with a hummingbird. The thing about Klaus and Caroline is that they bring out the BEST in each other. They are both control freaks and when they are together they challenge and test that authority with each other. Also, I haven’t seen Caroline look that genuinely happy in a LONG time. I’m anxious to see this explored. As much as I harp on Tyler and Hayley’s chemistry, Klaus and Caroline’s is even bigger and more intriguing.

Okay, so when Stefan and Caroline were talking about the sire bond between Damon and Elena this was my expression:

I was like, REALLY? This is a scapegoat attempt to not fully explore Delena. However, after I thought about it…this is BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO DELENA. Once Damon finds out about the sire bond and Stefan twists the knife and says that her feelings for him aren’t real, Damon will break it off. Elena will FINALLY have to prove her love to someone. She won’t give up on Damon because her feelings are real. The rest of the season will have lots of Delena angst but it will all be worth it in the end when she proves to him that her love for him isn’t due to the sire bond…

I still have a theory as to the reason behind the sire bond: Maybe it will turn out that a sire bond between vampires can only happen if those two vampires are meant to be together.



All while Stefan and Caroline were conspiring about the sire bond, Damon and Elena were at Casa de Salvatore. Elena had to move in because it wasn’t safe for her to live with Jeremy. Elena still isn’t sure about herself as a vampire but Damon says he has never seen her more alive. They reminisce about last year’s Miss Mystic dance where they danced together. She says she wanted to dance with him today and he asks her to dance in front of the fire (OMG OMG OMG).

After my initial anger subsided about the sire bond, this was me:

I have been waiting 4 SEASONS for this. For me, it was perfect. It was more passionate than ANYTHING Stefan and Elena have ever had together. She was actually the REAL Elena before she went over the bridge the first time. She finally gets what she wants: passion, adventure, and even a little danger. He finally gets the love he has so desperately wants and the acceptance from the woman he loves. The sire bond is useless because he didn’t force her to sleep with him. BAM. END OF STORY.




First off, are you serious? Second of all, are you serious? 

You obviously haven’t met me. Or my Mom for that matter. 

For as long as I can remember, I know that I have wanted to be told the honest truth. No babying. No sugar-coating. No fakeness. I’ve never been one of those people who can’t handle the truth. I’ve always said “bring it on!” Now, sometimes the truth can be negative and more than often it is. For me, I just don’t understand people who hide behind positive attitudes and think everything is always going to be bright and shiny. Those people look at negativity like its some disease. I look at it more as a gift to mankind. It builds character. It brings you back to reality and off of Planet Sunshine. 

People have said I thrive off of negativity and honesty. Absolutely. I totally and completely agree. If I don’t have those things, something is wrong. I need honesty and negativity in my life to provide stability because if I know exactly where and who I am in this world, my dreams won’t get crushed. I know my dreams are attainable because I have analyzed the positive AND negative aspects of it. 

I’m sure the people who actually believe the phrase: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all,” are saying “Who pissed in her cereal this morning?” Well, to be honest, I don’t drink milk (this girl is lactose intolerant). It’s disgusting. Nice try though.

And I’m also not a fan of silence. Sometimes the truth needs to be said no matter how negative it is. I’ll say it loud and proud. Embrace it. Love it. Obsess over it. I mean seriously, who wants to live in the clouds? Not this girl. 

60 Days, 20 Hours, 58 Minutes

60 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes…that’s how long it’s been since my Dad passed away. It doesn’t seem like that much time has gone by. I’ve sort of just buried myself in school (5 semesters practically down, 3 to go) and work, hoping that I wouldn’t have to think about it. I’m not one of those people who think that this is all just one big nightmare that we’ll wake up from…I am a realist and incapable of thinking like that. I have accepted the fact that my Dad is gone but that doesn’t make me any less emotional about it. Some days I’m angry, some days I’m sad, some days I laugh, some days I just ignore my feelings because its better than having to think about them. I’m an internalizer. I keep it all bottled up except for the random moments (like when Mark died on Grey’s Anatomy…that hit a little too close to home). I don’t have any regrets towards my relationship with my Dad. I was in a perfect place with him and I was looking forward to sharing the possibilities of my future with him.

The one thing that terrifies me though is the thought of forgetting him. That seems stupid, I know. How can you forget your Dad? But seriously, how many of you actually remember things from when you are 9,10, and 11? And how will that translate 20, 30, 40 years down the road? I took simple moments like voice mails and texts for granted. I just really don’t want to forget his voice. If his voice stays with me, so will the memories.

All in all,
It was just all too sudden.
It was like my life just slammed on brakes.
It just wasn’t fair.

I’m a huge believer in karma and I thought for awhile that maybe all this was my punishment for bad karma because I just kept asking myself WHY. Why did this have to happen to me and my family? What did I do to have to deserve this? I’ve come to the realization that it wasn’t my karma, or my mom’s, or my sister’s, or my brother’s…we were just the victims of karma that is ultimately serving a higher purpose. People have said this tragedy has the power to destroy you. I whole-heartedly believe that. But I won’t let it. My Dad would not want me wallow in my own self-pity and put my life on hold for him. I have a future and I know that he will protect me from inner and outer demons.

It’s just heartbreaking to know that he’ll never physically be there for anything else. No birthdays, no weddings, no grandchildren. That’s what hurts me the most because I know he would give anything to be there for those moments. However, one instance in the past two months gave me a sign that he will be at all those moments. It was when my sister was crowned Homecoming Queen. I mean seriously, you can’t script this stuff. It was the first sign that he was actually there. It wasn’t an act of God or anything like that. He made it happen. I just think about what my moment will be.

For now, I just have to think about all the things I have yet to give the world. I have so many things I want to do and a future career I hope to achieve. I know that he will always be there cheering me on and I will be patiently waiting for my own personal moment with him.

I love you Dad.

Way Way


Revenge is one of those shows that brings back the nostalgia for the old days of primetime soaps. It doesn’t need vampires, werewolves, or crazy medical cases to keep up the suspense of an episode. It relies solely on the dynamics and actions of its human characters rich in conspiracy, betrayal, and deception. In a nutshell, I LOVE IT.

Long-story short: Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke is out for revenge against those who conspired against and framed her father, David Clarke. David is presumed dead and Emily is no joke. At the bull’s eye of her revenge target? The Graysons.

No one had really come close to figuring out what Emily Thorne was really up to in the Hamptons. However, Mason Treadwell ALMOST had it. He initially thought Emily Thorne and FakeAmanda (a girl Emily met in juvy) were lesbian lovers (really? you’re a journalist and that’s all you got?).

Emily blows him off pretty well. Van Camp plays Emily with just the right amount of calm, cool, collected bitchiness.

At the Grayson Mansion (which makes the White House look like a whorehouse), Victoria is standing on needles around Kara Clarke. You can tell Kara is unwinding and could go AWOL at any second (Kara, btdubs is Emily/RealAmanda’s mother who is certifiably nuts…she tried to drown Emily). Contrary to what some might think, I love the way Jennifer Jason Leigh acts as Kara. She isn’t a raving lunatic…it’s more subtle, more dangerous.

NOW TO MY FAVORITE PART: Emily and all her potential suitors. Last season, I loved, loved, loved the triangle of Daniel/Emily/Jack but now I am totally shipping EMILY AND AIDEN. FOR LIFE. FOREVER. (Aiden and Emily were a thang back when she in training with Takeda…Aiden eventually abandoned her for his own mission…now he is back to help her and the sexual tension is almost TOO MUCH).

I have been wanting to say this for FOREVER…doesn’t Aiden look EXACTLY like Tom Hardy? They could be brothers. It’s uncanny. And they even have the ACCENT (swoon).

Jack is just chilling with FakeAmanda at the bar…she’s his baby momma now. That baby is super cute…but I just wish his name was Carl. There is only one Carl on television and THAT’S ON THE WALKING DEAD.

FakeAmanda is being pressured by Mason to talk about her past with Emily. Emily basically tells her how it’s going to go down. She definitely wears the pants in that relationship.

Nolan (aka Emily’s best friend and best partner in crime) isn’t doing too good not hanging out with Emily all the time. He is a tad jealous of Aiden. Nolan is possibly my favorite character on this show. I just love how loyal he is to Emily even despite her often bitchiness to him. Aiden comes to Nolan’s office to get the first investment of David Clarke…something that could bring Nolcorp to the ground. Aiden is trying to make up for how much he hurt Emily. Nolan gets all defensive baby-bro like and says “hurt her again and I swear you will pay” OH BUDDY. Nolan would sacrifice everything for Emily…she’s his fam fam. I LOVE IT.

Mason convinces FakeAmanda to talk to him about her past. NO AMANDA, YOU SLORE. Don’t betray Emily.

Emily finds out Amanda is with Mason. She is about to cray cray on them. YAY. Amanda says Emily was her stalker (really? Emily Thorne was your stalker? Not buying it).

OH SHIT. Amanda is about to kill Mason! Thankfully, Emily stops her. Amanda leaves and then Emily TELLS MASON THAT SHE IS THE REAL AMANDA CLARKE. MIND BLOWN. She sort of blames Mason for making her who she is today because of that nasty book he wrote about David Clarke. Now Emily has Mason Treadwell on a leash.


Emily is super pissed about Mason telling Kara and who does she call…AIDEN! YAYAYAYA.

Basically, Kara skips her flight out of town and heads to the Grayson’s. She somehow ends up getting Victoria and Conrad upstairs. She literally brings them to their knees. She has a gun. She has them blindfolded. Oh snap. Victoria and Conrad, thinking it was the end, hold hands. Their bond is stronger than their hatred for one another.


Emily frames Mason for the conspiracy that Conrad murdered Gordon Murphy. It’s deal making time. Emily makes a deal with Mason that he will go to prison for crimes he didn’t commit just like her father but when the time is right she will release all the information about her vendettas which will exonerate him and make him write the book of a lifetime. Fair deal I guess.

OMG OMG OMG. So to my favorite part of the night. FINALLY EMILY AND AIDEN KISS. SO EXCITED. It was long overdue. He is perfect for her. She needs someone who challenges her. Daniel would never work because I don’t think she could ever see quite past his Grayson name. Jack is just too nice for her.

I want to see more of the dynamic between Nolan/Emily/Aiden. Maybe they could form a trio. They would be unstoppable. These two men are the anchors in Emily’s life at the moment…she can’t live without either.

Tests of Love

To my loyal followers: I am truly sorry for not updating my blog in almost a week. Carolina just keeps piling on the work. I’m at the big F you stage of the school year. Only one week till Thanksgiving break! THANK YOU JESUS.

Anyways, the beginning of the episode starts out with Connor doing some crazy dental work on the guy he decapitated. Why the mouth? That is just beyond gross.

Jeremy has his job back at the Grill! YAY! Now seriously, Magic Mike Night?

Elena is doing the sappy “Dear Diary” monologue. “I am a vampire and I hate it.” No shit, Sherlock, we’ve only been hearing that for the past five episodes. Grow a pair of balls and get over it.

Damon comes up to Elena’s room to try and find Stefan. Stefan has been dodging his calls (passive aggressive much?) and hopes to see if Elena can get in touch with him. Elena looks depressed as hell and Damon taunts her with the “newbie vampire remorse”. Elena obviously hasn’t told Stefan about the “dirty dancing” with Damon (I mean, I don’t think she has really told Stefan what totally went down in Denver…because they would NOT be together if she had).

Meanwhile, Connor has taken Matt, Jeremy, and April hostage at the Grill. Matt and Jeremy try to convince Connor to let April go…he says her and her father have everything to do with this (WHAT?! RED FLAG, I NEED ANSWERS).

So, what does the vampire gang do? TEAMWORK TO SAVE THE FAM. YAY! Damon thinks Bonnie should be in on this…but she is off getting brainwashed by Professor McWeirdo (his eyes are very strange).

Damon, of course, is getting shit done. He gets a blue print of what’s underneath the Grill, thanks to Alaric (SOB). Elena thinks she should go in the Grill and distract Connor or offer herself as a replacement (NO, JUST NO ELENA). Damon catches her off guard with Vampire Fighting 101. But she actually sasses back and ends up pointing the stake gun at Damon’s heart.

ELENA IS STRADDLING DAMON. FOR A LENGTHY PERIOD OF TIME. THIS IS PROGESS GUYS. She says that Jeremy is the only thing holding her together (wait, didn’t you just say Stefan was in the last episode?). Damon’s like “For someone who doesn’t want to be like me, you sure act like it,”. BAM, that’s what I like to hear!

Stefan comes back to join Elena and Damon. Damon is ready to just kill Connor and get it over with. Instead of being a team player, STEFAN VERVAINS DAMON. WTF. (It’s pretty badass but I never like to see Damon have to be put down). Elena’s pretty shocked…Stefan’s all like “Trust me” NO ELENA DON’T.

Phoebe Tonkin is just chilling out at the Lockwood Mansion. She runs into Caroline. CAT FIGHT!

Connor is just waiting for the vamps to come save their friends. Jeremy realizes he was compelled to forget the events that happened last episode. We find out Connor killed his only friend (OUCH). One of Klaus’s hybrids tries to get in to the Grill but Connor LITERALLY SHOOTS HIM THROUGH THE HEART. OMG.

Jeremy ends up standing on a loaded bomb (he always manages to get himself in deadly situations). Connor shoots him (NO!). Stefan tries to play hero…you don’t have to do this nonsense. Connor isn’t buying it.

Damon wakes up…but STEFAN TOOK HIS RING. THIS IS AWFUL. And he is PISSED. He realizes Stefan is playing them and has some kind of deal with Klaus. SHIT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN.

Elena makes her way into the Grill. She pulls the family card. Nice, Elena. Connor and her fight. HE PULLS HER HAIR. He is not messing around. Connor runs into the tunnels and Elena follows him. SHE IS PISSED.

Stefan also encounters Damon in the tunnels. Damon goes all KING BADASS and makes Stefan tell him EVERYTHING. He even has his hand ON STEFAN’S HEART. NICE. Stefan tells Damon about the cure.

Elena bites into Connor…Connor taunts her saying that she is worst thing for Jeremy. He stabs her (for a skilled vampire hunter, HOW CAN YOU BE SO CLOSE TO A VAMPIRE AND MISS HER FREAKING HEART). Elena becomes Katherine in this moment…”you missed” SNAP. Connor is dead. See, badass Elena is so cool. We need more of her. It’s just so ironic that Elena just killed her only chance at the moment for a cure for vampirism (I still think now it will be through Jeremy).

CALLED IT. ELENA IS PISSED about Stefan hiding things from her. (*Delena fan secretly cheering*)

Elena also buries Connor and basically has a nervous breakdown about killing someone. GET OVER IT. And WIPE YOUR MOUTH. HAVE SOME VAMPIRE ETIQUETTE, GEEZ.

Caroline has gone all crazy girlfriend and thinks that Tyler and Hayley did it in the Appalachian mountains. Tyler swears it wasn’t like that (yeah, right).

Damon and Stefan are back at the boarding house…OMG THE ALBUM LEAF SONG IS PLAYING (I’ve loved this song ever since it was on Scandal). ITS PERFECT.

Damon gets down to business and asks some SERIOUS questions about Elena with Stefan. He asks him why he wants the cure, because Elena isn’t cut out to be a vampire or Stefan can’t love her if she is one…SERIOUS STUFF. Stefan says he will always love her but she isn’t supposed to be this person (basically I cannot fully love her the way I did before if she is a vampire). What we have to understand about Stefan is that he has some serious demons concerning being a vampire…it’s been over a century but he still hasn’t battled them…and for him to be expected to be so happy go-lucky about Elena being a vampire isn’t who his character is. Their relationship was grounded upon the fact that Stefan truly wanted as close to a human life as he could get…Elena was the symbol of purity and innocence, the light in his dark world as a vampire.

Damon, being the best person ever, says he’ll love her either way…And that my friends is the difference between the relationship Elena has with Stefan and Damon. Damon loves Elena for who she is, no questions asked. He fell in love with her despite her love for Stefan and he continues to love her even though she made the choice to be with Stefan (something I don’t think Stefan would do if she had chosen Damon). Damon says he’ll help Stefan find the cure for Elena but only for Stefan because he knows that Elena becoming human will make Stefan happy.


As a reader of spoilers, it says that the triangle between Stefan/Elena/Damon will come to a head in episode six. Now, if she is hallucinating, will that lead to a confession of sorts about Damon? We shall see.

Revenge recap is COMING UP!

So, I had to write a paper on the conflict of the extraordinary and the ordinary in my British literature class. I decided to write on Heathcliff and Edgar Linton from Wuthering Heights. As a huge fan of the book, I really tried to dig deeper than I have before between Catherine’s love with Edgar and her love with Heathcliff. Catherine believed her love with Edgar and her life with him would be extraordinary due to the elegance and sophistication of the Lintons. However, Catherine found herself continually drawn back to the savage, passionate being that is Heathcliff. I firmly believe Heathcliff and Catherine are soul mates but her inability to choose between what her socially-conscious mind was telling her and what her soul was telling her caused her to be torn between both houses and both men. Those two relationships are complete opposites just like the estates of Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. As I was writing this paper, I couldn’t help but think of somewhat modern-day instances of this epic love triangle. I’m Team Heathcliff and Catherine and I always find myself rooting for the couples that best represent the two.

NOTE: Some of these examples may be broad but the parallels are there.

1. Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair

When we first meet Chuck and Blair, Blair is a bitch, selfish, and sometimes shallow Upper East Sider. Chuck is the consummate bad boy with a superior intelligence for scheming and an impeccable sense of style. In the beginning, Blair is with Nate, her first Edgar Linton. Nate was high-society Upper East Side and lived the beautiful life of the rich. However, Nate’s fixation on BFF Serena and somewhat meh attitude causes her to be drawn to the unpredictable, alluring Chuck. As much as they try to deny it, they are physically and emotionally drawn to one another. Here are some instances where the Heathcliff and Catherine parallels show up:

1×08 “Seventeen Candles”

While Blair is preoccupied with Nate making it to her birthday party (he doesn’t) and giving her the perfect gift, it’s Chuck who gives her a GORGEOUS necklace. He even sort of admits her feelings for her. This was the beginning of Blair noticing something extraordinary in Chuck.

2×01 “Summer, Kind of Wonderful”

This has Heathcliff and Catherine written ALL OVER IT. After Chuck leaves Blair hanging at the airport at the start of summer, Blair moves on with Prince Marcus (another sort of Edgar). Chuck tries to thwart Blair’s relationship with Marcus but this scene proves there is something unexplainable between the two, this dark passion that consumes them both. They both can’t admit to those 3 words, 8 letters just yet.

3×17 “Inglourious Bassterds”

Chuck’s destructive, nasty side comes out when he chooses to trade Blair to his uncle for the Empire hotel. This really parallels Catherine and Heathcliff because this was such an emotionally violent instance in the Chuck/Blair relationship.

End of season 3/Beginning of season 4

Chuck runs off to Europe and gets shot. He is rescued by a young, beautiful woman named Eva. He pretty much lives the life of an early Heathcliff…a plain commoner. Chuck and Blair have their moment at the train station and their worlds stop. It was a beautiful, tender scene where Chuck believes Blair would be better off without Chuck in it. Then Blair says it: “It wouldn’t be my world without you in it.” THIS IS HEATHCLIFF AND CATHERINE YOU GUYS. Just like when Catherine confesses to Nelly: “If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger: I should not seem a part of it.”

Blair attempts to move on from Chuck with Prince Louis. He seems to be a perfect fairy tale prince who Blair will live an extraordinary life with. However, she can’t shake Chuck. She undeniably belongs to her dark prince. What she thought would be extraordinary turns out to be anything but…even though the marriage was a bust there was no denying that Chuck was the one she wished was at the altar with her…the one thing truly extraordinary in her life amidst the riches is her love for Chuck.

Chuck and Blair have evolved from their scheming, selfish ways and now are committed to truly being together. Blair has made her choice unlike Catherine she chose her soul mate. She knows it won’t be easy but anything is better than life without him.

2. The Vampire Diaries’ Damon and Elena

Damon is EXTREMELY similar to Heathcliff. Like, the similarities are unreal. They are both Byronic heroes in their lives: arrogance, cynical, self-destructive, the outcast. At first, Damon was obsessed with finding Katherine and taking revenge on Stefan but he grew so much within two seasons. There is no questioning that Elena (Catherine) loves Stefan (Edgar), she even chose him over Damon but she also has this undeniable pull for Damon. She even says that she can’t “shake him” and that he “consumes her”. Damon is willing to do anything for her, even to die for her. Elena really isn’t all that similar to Catherine, Elena isn’t self-absorbed or bitchy. The only time I ever think she is selfish is when she uses Damon and his feelings for her to get what she wants. Actually, it’s Katherine Pierce who is the most like Catherine Earnshaw.

The strongest connection the Heathcliff and Catherine that I’ve seen Elena have is in 2×01 “The Return”

Just like when Heathcliff overhears Catherine telling Nelly that she will marry Edgar because it would “degrade her to marry Heathcliff” and then Heathcliff says FUCK THIS and leaves, Damon does the same thing. Damon is told by Katherine AND Elena that “it’s always going to be Stefan.” He literally loses it. He knows the only way to deal with Elena’s choice (and Katherine’s in a way) is to make her hate him. He snaps Jeremy’s neck and gets the hell out. This moment is similar to when Heathcliff calls out to Catherine to haunt him. Even though it isn’t right, being haunted or hated is better than not having them in their life at all.

The whole reason Damon is there in the first place is to get Elena to admit her feelings for him:

“You’re the liar Elena. There is something going on between the two of us and you know it. And you’re lying to me, and you’re lying to Stefan, and most of all you are lying to yourself…”

Doesn’t that sound a whole lot like this from speech from Heathcliff?

“You teach me now how cruel you’ve been—cruel and false. Why did you despise me? Why did you betray your own heart, Cathy?”

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Elena has yet to truly admit her love for Damon but she will. I believe that it frightens her what she feels for Damon. It’s extraordinary but to her, those feelings scare her at the moment because all she has ever known is Matt and Stefan: safe, content, ordinary. With Damon, even not in a relationship, threatens to break down that wall the Elena has put up. She ultimately wants what Damon says in 3×22: “You want a love that consumes you. You want passion, adventure, and even a little danger.” I’ve said this a thousand times: Stefan is her first love but Damon is her true love.

3. Gone With the Wind’s Rhett and Scarlett

This couple gets an honorary mention because they deserve consideration all on their own. Scarlett is pretty much the 1860s version of Catherine: selfish, shallow but beautiful. She is in love with Ashley (Edgar) and dreams of an extraordinary life with him even though he is uber sophisticated, boring, and loves literature (all of which Scarlett is not…she is SASSY). She literally pines over him the whole book until it is finally made CRYSTAL FUCKING CLEAR that Ashley loves Melanie. Scarlett does however meet her soul mate in Rhett Butler. He challenges her and loves her for who she is even despite her many flaws. It isn’t until the end that Scarlett realizes that it is Rhett who she belongs with but at that point in time Rhett doesn’t give a damn. After Melanie dies, Rhett comes to the same conclusion Heathcliff does when Catherine decides to marry Edgar…that Scarlett still feels Rhett isn’t worthy of her. He walks out into the foggy night just like Heathcliff did. Scarlett realizes too late that what she has with Rhett is extraordinary and that Ashley is ordinary (and that he never has or will love her). God, Ashley was so boring. I do not understand how he could fight in a war…I bet he did a lot of girl-like slapping. What Scarlett has with Rhett is volatile, all-consuming, and passionate and Ashley (aka Edgar) isn’t capable of any of that.

As for me, I’ve never experienced love in either of those forms. I just don’t think I am deserving of it quite yet. I’m also very career-driven and motivated to make something out of my life and the selfish part of me would resent a significant other if I settled and didn’t achieve all that I want achieve on my own first. I also have severely high standards, like there is a list…a long one. The guy who meets those (and trust me, I’m lenient on certain issues) is truly the guy for me. I don’t want to settle for the ordinary, I want the extraordinary and more.

No Man Left Behind (Right, Emma?)

A point needs to be made here…Emma, Snow, Mulan and Aurora are very lucky ladies. They get to be stuck with Hook! I would give anything to be in their position.

“Thank you m’lady” SWOON CITY. Can this guy get any more dreamy?

FLASHBACK TIME! It’s to Emma 11 years ago in Portland. She’s stealing a car. Oh wait, its her yellow bug! She driving the getaway car and BAM! there is a dude in the back seat. Say what? I WOULD HAVE FLIPPED OUT. Who is this guy? He has my attention for a brief moment but then my mind is back on Hook and those eyes (so blue!).

Let’s be real, these ladies are just fighting over who gets to climb the beanstalk with Hook. No one is really worried that they have to battle a GIANT. Emma wins. YAY! And Hook wanted it to be her. SWOON. They are on a quest to fine the magic compass to get them back to Storybrooke. Oh no, the beanstalk is magicified to repel intruders but Hook has a few enchanted wrist cuffs to use instead.

If I was in that situation, I imagine myself pulling a Katniss…

While they are climbing, Emma and Hook get into some serious convos. Hook says she has the look of abandonment in her eyes. I think there is just some serious eye-flirting going on. He talks about NEVERLAND and the Lost Boys.

They get to the top and Emma has a boo-boo. Let’s be real, Hook could have been a douche and just NOT helped her. But he instead dressed her wound in the most swoon-worthy of ways.

OH SHIT. He gave her his scarf! And he used his teeth. SEXY. I’m not even thinking that he only can use one hand just the fact that he used his teeth. HIS TEETH. He flashed those baby blues while he was doing it. Yeah, I’m shipping them. SO FREAKING HARD.

Then he says: “I think we make quite the team.” AHHHHHHH. Emma you know you want to jump him. JUST DO IT.

We get another flashback. Emma and Neal (the dude from the backseat) are in full-blown relationship. It seems to be pretty serious. I mean they are going the Bonnie and Clyde route, I guess that’s cool. I think they just need to grow up. They plan on going to Tallahassee to start over but oh no Neal has some watches that he stole and the police are on his ass.

OMG AUGUST IS BACK. And he puts on the pity party about letting Emma go. August says once he shows Neal what’s in his box he will believe him. And he does, and Neal is all about some August. Emma is then arrested for the stolen watches…WHAT! The look on her face is heartbreaking. She really was in love and wanted to start over. She gets 11 months. You can tell she is pissed at Neal. But hey, she’s got a bun in the oven (aka Henry!).

Anyway, back in Beantown Hook and Emma then come across JORGE GARCIA. HEY BOO! He is freaking huge giant and he screams a lot. Emma puffs some magic powder on his face and he goes into nappy time. But wait, he falls on HOOK. NO NO NO. He can’t be smushed. SOB SOB SOB. Oh wait, just kidding…he is okay everyone! YAY!

Emma and Hook go exploring and discover all this treasure. Hook looks like a kid in a candy store. He is like GOLD, GOLD EVERYWHERE. Emma is like “how are we going to find the compass in this place?” and Hook says “by looking.” HAHAHA. Emma, such a dumb blonde sometimes.

While they are searching, Emma and Hook’s flirtationship is going off the charts. It’s quickly ruined by JORGE GARCIA barreling through the place. Sigh. Hook gets trapped by some rubble (NO BABY DON’T GO) and Emma is snatched up and almost crushed to death by Jorge Garcia’s grasp. Emma, being smart, bites him and he lets go. Emma then cuts the tripwire and traps the giant. He is pretty sure he is going to die because everyone else only comes up there to kill him. Emma, however, lets him live after he gives her the compass. He just a big teddy bear who wants some lovin’. He even shows Emma the way out and frees Hook.

YAY they are together again. Hook has really shown he is dependable toward Emma and I really do believe he was being genuine. He sees something in Emma that he likes, he sort of sees himself. She challenges him and no one can deny they wouldn’t make beautiful babies (Huntsman, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you honey!). NOW EMMA, DON’T SCREW IT UP. YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS FLIRTATIONSHIP.

DAMMIT EMMA. Her past comes back to haunt her and she chains Hook up. Hook is like “WTF I helped you and I didn’t have to” (RIGHT!). Emma is like “I can’t take any chances.” UGH EMMA. You would take the chance of someone so beautiful and charming DYING at the hands of giant. TSK TSK EMMA. DEPRESSED. This decision will come back to kick Emma in the ass…Hook is going to be all Team Cora. However, like Katherine Pierce said on TVD “This sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one”. I choose to believe in that. There is too much chemistry between these two for it not to happen (couple name: Hemma?).

OMG GIRL FIGHT. Emma told Mulan that after 10 hours that she gives her permission to cut down the beanstalk. Snow goes HAM when Mulan tries to cut it down. TACKLE, SMACKING GIRL FIGHT. It’s nice to see feisty Snow again. Emma jumps down just in time to break it up.

Oh, earlier Aurora had this scary dream. I didn’t think anything of it until the final moments. Henry wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Grandpa Charming comes to his rescue. Henry says he saw this red room with no windows and some girl was staring at him through the flames. WHAT? What does this mean? A greater evil. I’m reeled in. But let’s all be serious here: GOOD GOSH, CHARMING IS SUCH A GREAT GRANDPA. BEYOND PRECIOUS.

So what’s the deal with the red room? Will Hook make it out (the actor is a series regular, so yeah)? Is anyone as pumped as I am to see the interaction between Hook and Emma when they meet again? SEXUAL TENSION CITY.

Getting my Gossip Girl fix tonight since Hurricane Sandy ruined it last week!