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That’s me and karma right there guys. BOOM.

Of all the things I believe in most, karma takes the top. She is always there, always lurking, waiting to strike. I don’t understand people who don’t realize karma is out there. It’s the simplest concept I know of. If you do something good, something good will happen to you. If you do something bad, yeah you know where I’m going. Whatever you do comes back to you, always.

I think the confusion comes from people who don’t know the difference between good and bad decisions. When they think they’ve done something good, something bad ends up happening to them and they can’t comprehend why. I think the ultimate point karma tries to prove is that it’s not just about good and bad decisions but it’s about knowing the difference between right and wrong and acting on that. A lot of the times, it’s the people who believe they are good people yet make the wrong decisions. Those are the ones who need karma the most. Sometimes advocating for the truth feels wrong but it’s actually right.

Needless to say, karma is a bitch. She doesn’t let anyone get past her. Trust me, it’s a love/hate relationship between the two of us but it’s the healthiest relationship. I respect her. I need her. Karma makes me a better person and if you allow her to make you one, she will. Tough love is the best type of love.  She teaches me the reality of life: it isn’t fair. It never is. I’ve learned that 100% this year.

She is God’s beautiful mistress. Always a reminder of what you’ve done.  What goes around comes around. She’ll catch up to you eventually.

And as my mom always says, when karma happens,



My name is Avery Thompson and I approve this message.