In honor of the Oscars in little less than a week, I thought I would do something that shows off my love for film. In all honesty, I am way too emotionally-involved in the Oscars this year (i.e. Jennifer Lawrence) and I feel like I’m entitled to voice my opinion. So I’m going to rank the Best Picture nominees (of the ones I’ve seen) in order of my preference. Here we go…


#5 Lincoln

I know what you’re saying: “You’re a Communist.” How could this not be higher up on the list?! Trust me, I desperately wanted it to be. I had such high hopes for this film and it was truly great but it wasn’t amazing. The performance Daniel Day-Lewis gave as Abraham Lincoln was nothing short of remarkable. Sally Field is always a force to be reckoned with and gives a commanding performance. Tommy Lee-Jones was great and it even had Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who I’ve seen in person BTW). It wasn’t the ensemble cast I had a problem with because they were outstanding. I was just expecting MORE.

There was a lot of talking, not enough action. I wanted to see more of the tragedy of the Civil War, I wanted to see him deliver his Gettysburg Address…I wanted less politics. I understand what Spielberg was doing and he succeeded but this film just didn’t emotionally move me. We all know Daniel is taking home the Oscar. He is just amazing. Possibly the best actor of our time (Sean Penn is close in the race though). So, judge me all you want. It’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to. 

P.S. Any movie that has Thob (my mother) literally snoring has some issues they need to take care of. She respects the art of filmmaking almost as much as I do. 
Peace out.