Revenge is one of those shows that brings back the nostalgia for the old days of primetime soaps. It doesn’t need vampires, werewolves, or crazy medical cases to keep up the suspense of an episode. It relies solely on the dynamics and actions of its human characters rich in conspiracy, betrayal, and deception. In a nutshell, I LOVE IT.

Long-story short: Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke is out for revenge against those who conspired against and framed her father, David Clarke. David is presumed dead and Emily is no joke. At the bull’s eye of her revenge target? The Graysons.

No one had really come close to figuring out what Emily Thorne was really up to in the Hamptons. However, Mason Treadwell ALMOST had it. He initially thought Emily Thorne and FakeAmanda (a girl Emily met in juvy) were lesbian lovers (really? you’re a journalist and that’s all you got?).

Emily blows him off pretty well. Van Camp plays Emily with just the right amount of calm, cool, collected bitchiness.

At the Grayson Mansion (which makes the White House look like a whorehouse), Victoria is standing on needles around Kara Clarke. You can tell Kara is unwinding and could go AWOL at any second (Kara, btdubs is Emily/RealAmanda’s mother who is certifiably nuts…she tried to drown Emily). Contrary to what some might think, I love the way Jennifer Jason Leigh acts as Kara. She isn’t a raving lunatic…it’s more subtle, more dangerous.

NOW TO MY FAVORITE PART: Emily and all her potential suitors. Last season, I loved, loved, loved the triangle of Daniel/Emily/Jack but now I am totally shipping EMILY AND AIDEN. FOR LIFE. FOREVER. (Aiden and Emily were a thang back when she in training with Takeda…Aiden eventually abandoned her for his own mission…now he is back to help her and the sexual tension is almost TOO MUCH).

I have been wanting to say this for FOREVER…doesn’t Aiden look EXACTLY like Tom Hardy? They could be brothers. It’s uncanny. And they even have the ACCENT (swoon).

Jack is just chilling with FakeAmanda at the bar…she’s his baby momma now. That baby is super cute…but I just wish his name was Carl. There is only one Carl on television and THAT’S ON THE WALKING DEAD.

FakeAmanda is being pressured by Mason to talk about her past with Emily. Emily basically tells her how it’s going to go down. She definitely wears the pants in that relationship.

Nolan (aka Emily’s best friend and best partner in crime) isn’t doing too good not hanging out with Emily all the time. He is a tad jealous of Aiden. Nolan is possibly my favorite character on this show. I just love how loyal he is to Emily even despite her often bitchiness to him. Aiden comes to Nolan’s office to get the first investment of David Clarke…something that could bring Nolcorp to the ground. Aiden is trying to make up for how much he hurt Emily. Nolan gets all defensive baby-bro like and says “hurt her again and I swear you will pay” OH BUDDY. Nolan would sacrifice everything for Emily…she’s his fam fam. I LOVE IT.

Mason convinces FakeAmanda to talk to him about her past. NO AMANDA, YOU SLORE. Don’t betray Emily.

Emily finds out Amanda is with Mason. She is about to cray cray on them. YAY. Amanda says Emily was her stalker (really? Emily Thorne was your stalker? Not buying it).

OH SHIT. Amanda is about to kill Mason! Thankfully, Emily stops her. Amanda leaves and then Emily TELLS MASON THAT SHE IS THE REAL AMANDA CLARKE. MIND BLOWN. She sort of blames Mason for making her who she is today because of that nasty book he wrote about David Clarke. Now Emily has Mason Treadwell on a leash.


Emily is super pissed about Mason telling Kara and who does she call…AIDEN! YAYAYAYA.

Basically, Kara skips her flight out of town and heads to the Grayson’s. She somehow ends up getting Victoria and Conrad upstairs. She literally brings them to their knees. She has a gun. She has them blindfolded. Oh snap. Victoria and Conrad, thinking it was the end, hold hands. Their bond is stronger than their hatred for one another.


Emily frames Mason for the conspiracy that Conrad murdered Gordon Murphy. It’s deal making time. Emily makes a deal with Mason that he will go to prison for crimes he didn’t commit just like her father but when the time is right she will release all the information about her vendettas which will exonerate him and make him write the book of a lifetime. Fair deal I guess.

OMG OMG OMG. So to my favorite part of the night. FINALLY EMILY AND AIDEN KISS. SO EXCITED. It was long overdue. He is perfect for her. She needs someone who challenges her. Daniel would never work because I don’t think she could ever see quite past his Grayson name. Jack is just too nice for her.

I want to see more of the dynamic between Nolan/Emily/Aiden. Maybe they could form a trio. They would be unstoppable. These two men are the anchors in Emily’s life at the moment…she can’t live without either.