Tests of Love

To my loyal followers: I am truly sorry for not updating my blog in almost a week. Carolina just keeps piling on the work. I’m at the big F you stage of the school year. Only one week till Thanksgiving break! THANK YOU JESUS.

Anyways, the beginning of the episode starts out with Connor doing some crazy dental work on the guy he decapitated. Why the mouth? That is just beyond gross.

Jeremy has his job back at the Grill! YAY! Now seriously, Magic Mike Night?

Elena is doing the sappy “Dear Diary” monologue. “I am a vampire and I hate it.” No shit, Sherlock, we’ve only been hearing that for the past five episodes. Grow a pair of balls and get over it.

Damon comes up to Elena’s room to try and find Stefan. Stefan has been dodging his calls (passive aggressive much?) and hopes to see if Elena can get in touch with him. Elena looks depressed as hell and Damon taunts her with the “newbie vampire remorse”. Elena obviously hasn’t told Stefan about the “dirty dancing” with Damon (I mean, I don’t think she has really told Stefan what totally went down in Denver…because they would NOT be together if she had).

Meanwhile, Connor has taken Matt, Jeremy, and April hostage at the Grill. Matt and Jeremy try to convince Connor to let April go…he says her and her father have everything to do with this (WHAT?! RED FLAG, I NEED ANSWERS).

So, what does the vampire gang do? TEAMWORK TO SAVE THE FAM. YAY! Damon thinks Bonnie should be in on this…but she is off getting brainwashed by Professor McWeirdo (his eyes are very strange).

Damon, of course, is getting shit done. He gets a blue print of what’s underneath the Grill, thanks to Alaric (SOB). Elena thinks she should go in the Grill and distract Connor or offer herself as a replacement (NO, JUST NO ELENA). Damon catches her off guard with Vampire Fighting 101. But she actually sasses back and ends up pointing the stake gun at Damon’s heart.

ELENA IS STRADDLING DAMON. FOR A LENGTHY PERIOD OF TIME. THIS IS PROGESS GUYS. She says that Jeremy is the only thing holding her together (wait, didn’t you just say Stefan was in the last episode?). Damon’s like “For someone who doesn’t want to be like me, you sure act like it,”. BAM, that’s what I like to hear!

Stefan comes back to join Elena and Damon. Damon is ready to just kill Connor and get it over with. Instead of being a team player, STEFAN VERVAINS DAMON. WTF. (It’s pretty badass but I never like to see Damon have to be put down). Elena’s pretty shocked…Stefan’s all like “Trust me” NO ELENA DON’T.

Phoebe Tonkin is just chilling out at the Lockwood Mansion. She runs into Caroline. CAT FIGHT!

Connor is just waiting for the vamps to come save their friends. Jeremy realizes he was compelled to forget the events that happened last episode. We find out Connor killed his only friend (OUCH). One of Klaus’s hybrids tries to get in to the Grill but Connor LITERALLY SHOOTS HIM THROUGH THE HEART. OMG.

Jeremy ends up standing on a loaded bomb (he always manages to get himself in deadly situations). Connor shoots him (NO!). Stefan tries to play hero…you don’t have to do this nonsense. Connor isn’t buying it.

Damon wakes up…but STEFAN TOOK HIS RING. THIS IS AWFUL. And he is PISSED. He realizes Stefan is playing them and has some kind of deal with Klaus. SHIT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN.

Elena makes her way into the Grill. She pulls the family card. Nice, Elena. Connor and her fight. HE PULLS HER HAIR. He is not messing around. Connor runs into the tunnels and Elena follows him. SHE IS PISSED.

Stefan also encounters Damon in the tunnels. Damon goes all KING BADASS and makes Stefan tell him EVERYTHING. He even has his hand ON STEFAN’S HEART. NICE. Stefan tells Damon about the cure.

Elena bites into Connor…Connor taunts her saying that she is worst thing for Jeremy. He stabs her (for a skilled vampire hunter, HOW CAN YOU BE SO CLOSE TO A VAMPIRE AND MISS HER FREAKING HEART). Elena becomes Katherine in this moment…”you missed” SNAP. Connor is dead. See, badass Elena is so cool. We need more of her. It’s just so ironic that Elena just killed her only chance at the moment for a cure for vampirism (I still think now it will be through Jeremy).

CALLED IT. ELENA IS PISSED about Stefan hiding things from her. (*Delena fan secretly cheering*)

Elena also buries Connor and basically has a nervous breakdown about killing someone. GET OVER IT. And WIPE YOUR MOUTH. HAVE SOME VAMPIRE ETIQUETTE, GEEZ.

Caroline has gone all crazy girlfriend and thinks that Tyler and Hayley did it in the Appalachian mountains. Tyler swears it wasn’t like that (yeah, right).

Damon and Stefan are back at the boarding house…OMG THE ALBUM LEAF SONG IS PLAYING (I’ve loved this song ever since it was on Scandal). ITS PERFECT.

Damon gets down to business and asks some SERIOUS questions about Elena with Stefan. He asks him why he wants the cure, because Elena isn’t cut out to be a vampire or Stefan can’t love her if she is one…SERIOUS STUFF. Stefan says he will always love her but she isn’t supposed to be this person (basically I cannot fully love her the way I did before if she is a vampire). What we have to understand about Stefan is that he has some serious demons concerning being a vampire…it’s been over a century but he still hasn’t battled them…and for him to be expected to be so happy go-lucky about Elena being a vampire isn’t who his character is. Their relationship was grounded upon the fact that Stefan truly wanted as close to a human life as he could get…Elena was the symbol of purity and innocence, the light in his dark world as a vampire.

Damon, being the best person ever, says he’ll love her either way…And that my friends is the difference between the relationship Elena has with Stefan and Damon. Damon loves Elena for who she is, no questions asked. He fell in love with her despite her love for Stefan and he continues to love her even though she made the choice to be with Stefan (something I don’t think Stefan would do if she had chosen Damon). Damon says he’ll help Stefan find the cure for Elena but only for Stefan because he knows that Elena becoming human will make Stefan happy.


As a reader of spoilers, it says that the triangle between Stefan/Elena/Damon will come to a head in episode six. Now, if she is hallucinating, will that lead to a confession of sorts about Damon? We shall see.

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