No More Kid Stuff

First off, let me say that I am astounded by tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead entitled “Killer Within.” My jaw is still on the floor. This show continues to surprise and further convince me that it is more than Emmy-worthy. This episode will go down in the annals of the show’s history in terms of character performance.

And it all started so peacefully too. The horizon was calm, which was a clear sign of the darkness that was coming.

We get a light-hearted moment of Glenn and Maggie “gettin’ it on” in the tower. That was nice. For me at least, they show what the next generation of the post-apocalyptic world could possibly look like.

Meanwhile in Woodsbury (aka Not-So Pleasantville) we get some interactions between Merle and Andrea and Michonne and the Governor. The Governor even supposedly tells Andrea his real name, Phillip. Is it true? Are there real feelings there?

TIDBITS from the episode: Hershel is fairing pretty well with those crutches. I’m still so glad he survived. Andrea’s hair looked GORGEOUS. Merle and Andrea though…GRODY.

I’m not going to really focus on the Woodsbury scenes because all that failed in comparison to the scenes with Carl, Rick, Maggie and Lori.

At the prison, the gang is dealing with a serious zombie problem. Everyone is running in all different directions. INTENSE.

T-Dogg tries to shut the gate but is bitten by a walker. NOOOOO! He knows he is going to die and sacrifices himself to save Carol; even saying it is “God’s way.” I thought that would be the ONLY death for the night. I was so, so wrong.

HOLY COW, Lori is in labor. This can’t end well especially if you are someone who knows how she fares in the comics. Lori is in some serious pain, and she can’t have the baby the old-fashioned way, so she tells Maggie to perform a C-section even though she knows she will die.

MY REACTION: Oh no, this can’t end well. I don’t know if I can handle this. I’ve talked so much crap about Lori, but now, I’m feeling tears.

Lori is completely redeemed after this…her last words to her son Carl are just flawless.

“You are going to beat this world. I know you will.” Which is so true. If anyone will make it out completely, it will be Carl. It won’t be Rick. It won’t be Daryl. It won’t be the Governor. Just Carl.

“Promise me you will do what is right…” These words are so profound because Lori knows that Carl is the only one capable of bringing Rick back from going off the deep end. Carl will always be Rick’s anchor. Carl is Rick’s person, someone Lori could never be.

MY REACTION: I am literally balling. I can’t even deal. I’m dealing with so many conflicting emotions. Poor, poor Carl.

Lori only suffers for a few seconds, and Maggie manages to get the baby out and breathing.

And then Carl continues to torture my already broken heart: “We can’t just leave her here…she’ll turn…she’s my mom.” He flashes back to a tender moment with Rick where his dad says: “”No more kid stuff. People are gonna die. I’m gonna die, mom. There is no way you can ever be ready for it.”

AS IF I COULDN’T BE MORE DEVASTATED. Carl makes the hardest decision any young person could ever make: deciding to end the life of a parent. It is the most gut-wrenching thing someone has to do, and you can never be emotionally or physically ready for it. The only reason he is able do it is because she knows she is already gone. The mother he knew and loved is no longer in this world and with that he pulls the trigger. SOB. SOB. SOB.

MY REACTION: That single tear from Carl, and I am gone. Face in pillow, tear-stained T-shirt gone. What is my life right now?

And then there’s that ending scene…when Rick finds out that Lori is dead, there are no words. It was so beautifully executed and emotionally raw that the feelings I had are indescribable. Rick just starts losing it. He can’t even believe that it is happening. Even with all the death that surrounds him, this is unfathomable. His looks to Carl are just heartbreaking. Rick even collapses on the ground, cradling himself for this unbearable loss.

MY REACTION: This episode has drained me. I am literally devastated by this scene. Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs were absolutely phenomenal tonight. While Rick was breaking down, Carl displayed immense strength, which from personal experience is unbearably hard to do. He knows that he has to because if not, they both won’t survive this tragedy.

Chandler Riggs, you are by far the best child actor in the industry right now. I applaud you. I am just so impressed with this kid right now.

Andrew Lincoln, I am yours, heart and soul. You deserve so many accolades for your performance tonight…the Emmy should be yours and rightfully so. I hope people realize that this show is not just some badass zombie show…it is so much more.

Well, I might as well collect myself at this point. I’m just a mess. I didn’t think The Walking Dead could get better after last season, but it continues to prove me wrong. I just wonder how they will all go from here. And, who is next?