No Man Left Behind (Right, Emma?)

A point needs to be made here…Emma, Snow, Mulan and Aurora are very lucky ladies. They get to be stuck with Hook! I would give anything to be in their position.

“Thank you m’lady” SWOON CITY. Can this guy get any more dreamy?

FLASHBACK TIME! It’s to Emma 11 years ago in Portland. She’s stealing a car. Oh wait, its her yellow bug! She driving the getaway car and BAM! there is a dude in the back seat. Say what? I WOULD HAVE FLIPPED OUT. Who is this guy? He has my attention for a brief moment but then my mind is back on Hook and those eyes (so blue!).

Let’s be real, these ladies are just fighting over who gets to climb the beanstalk with Hook. No one is really worried that they have to battle a GIANT. Emma wins. YAY! And Hook wanted it to be her. SWOON. They are on a quest to fine the magic compass to get them back to Storybrooke. Oh no, the beanstalk is magicified to repel intruders but Hook has a few enchanted wrist cuffs to use instead.

If I was in that situation, I imagine myself pulling a Katniss…

While they are climbing, Emma and Hook get into some serious convos. Hook says she has the look of abandonment in her eyes. I think there is just some serious eye-flirting going on. He talks about NEVERLAND and the Lost Boys.

They get to the top and Emma has a boo-boo. Let’s be real, Hook could have been a douche and just NOT helped her. But he instead dressed her wound in the most swoon-worthy of ways.

OH SHIT. He gave her his scarf! And he used his teeth. SEXY. I’m not even thinking that he only can use one hand just the fact that he used his teeth. HIS TEETH. He flashed those baby blues while he was doing it. Yeah, I’m shipping them. SO FREAKING HARD.

Then he says: “I think we make quite the team.” AHHHHHHH. Emma you know you want to jump him. JUST DO IT.

We get another flashback. Emma and Neal (the dude from the backseat) are in full-blown relationship. It seems to be pretty serious. I mean they are going the Bonnie and Clyde route, I guess that’s cool. I think they just need to grow up. They plan on going to Tallahassee to start over but oh no Neal has some watches that he stole and the police are on his ass.

OMG AUGUST IS BACK. And he puts on the pity party about letting Emma go. August says once he shows Neal what’s in his box he will believe him. And he does, and Neal is all about some August. Emma is then arrested for the stolen watches…WHAT! The look on her face is heartbreaking. She really was in love and wanted to start over. She gets 11 months. You can tell she is pissed at Neal. But hey, she’s got a bun in the oven (aka Henry!).

Anyway, back in Beantown Hook and Emma then come across JORGE GARCIA. HEY BOO! He is freaking huge giant and he screams a lot. Emma puffs some magic powder on his face and he goes into nappy time. But wait, he falls on HOOK. NO NO NO. He can’t be smushed. SOB SOB SOB. Oh wait, just kidding…he is okay everyone! YAY!

Emma and Hook go exploring and discover all this treasure. Hook looks like a kid in a candy store. He is like GOLD, GOLD EVERYWHERE. Emma is like “how are we going to find the compass in this place?” and Hook says “by looking.” HAHAHA. Emma, such a dumb blonde sometimes.

While they are searching, Emma and Hook’s flirtationship is going off the charts. It’s quickly ruined by JORGE GARCIA barreling through the place. Sigh. Hook gets trapped by some rubble (NO BABY DON’T GO) and Emma is snatched up and almost crushed to death by Jorge Garcia’s grasp. Emma, being smart, bites him and he lets go. Emma then cuts the tripwire and traps the giant. He is pretty sure he is going to die because everyone else only comes up there to kill him. Emma, however, lets him live after he gives her the compass. He just a big teddy bear who wants some lovin’. He even shows Emma the way out and frees Hook.

YAY they are together again. Hook has really shown he is dependable toward Emma and I really do believe he was being genuine. He sees something in Emma that he likes, he sort of sees himself. She challenges him and no one can deny they wouldn’t make beautiful babies (Huntsman, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you honey!). NOW EMMA, DON’T SCREW IT UP. YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS FLIRTATIONSHIP.

DAMMIT EMMA. Her past comes back to haunt her and she chains Hook up. Hook is like “WTF I helped you and I didn’t have to” (RIGHT!). Emma is like “I can’t take any chances.” UGH EMMA. You would take the chance of someone so beautiful and charming DYING at the hands of giant. TSK TSK EMMA. DEPRESSED. This decision will come back to kick Emma in the ass…Hook is going to be all Team Cora. However, like Katherine Pierce said on TVD “This sounds like the beginning of a love story, not the end of one”. I choose to believe in that. There is too much chemistry between these two for it not to happen (couple name: Hemma?).

OMG GIRL FIGHT. Emma told Mulan that after 10 hours that she gives her permission to cut down the beanstalk. Snow goes HAM when Mulan tries to cut it down. TACKLE, SMACKING GIRL FIGHT. It’s nice to see feisty Snow again. Emma jumps down just in time to break it up.

Oh, earlier Aurora had this scary dream. I didn’t think anything of it until the final moments. Henry wakes up screaming from a nightmare. Grandpa Charming comes to his rescue. Henry says he saw this red room with no windows and some girl was staring at him through the flames. WHAT? What does this mean? A greater evil. I’m reeled in. But let’s all be serious here: GOOD GOSH, CHARMING IS SUCH A GREAT GRANDPA. BEYOND PRECIOUS.

So what’s the deal with the red room? Will Hook make it out (the actor is a series regular, so yeah)? Is anyone as pumped as I am to see the interaction between Hook and Emma when they meet again? SEXUAL TENSION CITY.

Getting my Gossip Girl fix tonight since Hurricane Sandy ruined it last week!