Seriously, can this show have a more powerful ensemble cast? Every person on this show, for the most part, is a solid, multidimensional actor. We saw exactly that this week and we learned that everyone’s problem go a lot deeper than we originally thought and its only going to get juicier.

The first scene made me say “Say what?!” Rayna and Deacon are in bed together. It was pretty steamy but I knew this was too good to be true hence the dream sequence. Dammit. But it’s too soon for them to reunite. I need the angst. On the plus side, we learned Teddy isn’t squeaky clean either. Peggy (hey, Brad Paisley’s wife) comes onto the scene. I noticed the chemistry/tension between Peggy and Teddy immediately so I knew something was up with them. At the end of the show we seem them meet up and Teddy BEGGING Peggy not to tell their secret. Was it just an affair? How long has it been going on? Questions on questions on questions.

In another part of town, Juliette is dealing with some major publicity issues. We saw her take nail polish from the grocery store (hopefully it was at least Essie) and some mean girls took a video of it. She has become the butt of every joke and her team is doing damage control. They tried an interview on GMA with Robin Roberts but the second Robin asks about her mom, Juliette throws a bitch fit and stops the interview. She also lied about nail polish saying that she stuck it in her bag to keep it from falling out the basket. Yeah, right. I did agree with her on the fact that when you’re famous people aren’t just waiting for you to fall, they will find a way for you to fall. I was fist-pumping this entire scene. Juliette may be little but she is a fire ball. After this, everyone starts to bail on her and her tour is stopped temporarily. She also took her mom in off the streets (if you didn’t know, Juliette’s mom has some SERIOUS drug abuse probs) last episode. Her mom made her this really yummy macaroni casserole and Juliette in a nutshell said “Bitch, get that greasy, calorie-infested shit away from me. Don’t you see I’m like 3 feet tall? It will go straight to my ass!” Juliette sort of loses it and grabs her mom’s backpack, really expecting to find things she’d stolen from around the house to sell for drugs. The only thing she found was a picture of a newborn Juliette with her mom. SOB. Her mom is trying to be better for her daughter even though addiction is a powerful affliction that isn’t lost easily. Juliette breaks down on the floor. Hayden Paniettiere was FLAWLESS in this scene. Even though she has the fame and the fortune she craves…she is a broken girl with deep issues. She tried to run from them, but that obviously isn’t working.

Since Juliette’s tour has been halted, does this mean that her and Rayna will eventually team up? I think so! YAY. I love their scenes together.

Elsewhere, Gunnar finds him a lady friend instead of pining over Scarlett. Scarlett and Avery (hey, that’s my name!) are kind of on the outs. Avery is really envious that Scarlett and Gunnar didn’t even have to try and they are already recording a demo. Avery has worked and stayed true to who he is and he still can’t catch a break.

SIDE NOTE: Jonathan Jackson can literally not do any wrong in my book. He is capable of so much acting wise…I really hope the writers realize what kind of actor they have on their hands. He commands every scene. I also REALLY REALLY REALLY ship him and Juliette. Only one scene and I’m hooked. I just know their chemistry will be OFF THE CHARTS. Plus, it will lead to a Gunnar/Scarlett relationship, which I also ship. HARD.

Oh, Rayna is going to fire Deacon.

The only problem I have with this show is the pairing of Deacon and Juliette. I don’t get it. The age difference is too big. It’s forced. I don’t like it. Get Juliette to Avery and all will be well in my book.

That’s all for now. I know this show is only going to get more intense and I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

See y’all later!