Top 5 Halloween-themed Disney Channel Movies!

My sister and I are obsessed with Disney Channel movies. Anything pre-2006 is fair game. We absolutely love the old school movies, and if you aren’t a 90’s kid, you don’t really understand how important these movies were to all of us. My sister and I both waited every season for the new Disney Channel Original movies. It started when I was six, and Katy was about four with the release of “Halloweentown.”  Katy and I were GLUED to the TV. This began our obsession with the Disney Channel (i.e. “The Thirteenth Year,” “A Ring of Endless Light,” “Luck of the Irish”). In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I would share the top 5 Disney Channel Original movies centered on Halloween.

5. “Under Wraps” (1997)

• This movie is just so gosh darn cute! Granted, I’m kind of scared of mummies, but Harold was clumsy and adorable. Plus, this movie had Clara Bryant in it, and she is a Disney Channel veteran. The movie isn’t the best, but it deserves a place on the line-up for getting Disney Channel on the map.

4. “So Weird” (1999-2001)

• You’re thinking…wait what? Like I said, if you weren’t a Disney Channel child of the ‘90s, you probably have no clue what this is. “So Weird” is about a teenage girl on tour with her singer mom (MacKenzie Phillips!) and how she deals with all the paranormal activity that takes place along the way. I feel that is this movie had been pushed forward about ten years into the new millennium, it could have been a big hit. I mean, how could you go wrong with Erik von Detten (Disney Channel’s first swoon worthy heartthrob)?! It had great potential even before the whole “Twilight” era set in.

3. “Don’t Look Under the Bed” (1999)

• I really don’t know why I love this movie so much. Believe me, when it first came out, I secretly hoped to have a world under my bed and a pool of Jell-O. I’ve honestly always wondered how it would feel to dive into a pool of Jell-O. Mysterious happenings in Middleburg all point to Frances (the protagonist), and the only person who can help her is Larry Houdini. There’s only one problem… Frances is only one who can see him. Larry ends up being Frances’ brother Darwin’s (who names their kid Darwin?) imaginary friend, but Frances had convinced Darwin that Larry wasn’t real. Turns out that if you ignore your imaginary friend too soon, they turn into the Boogeyman. The real Boogeyman ends up being Frances’ old imaginary friend Zoe. The entire premise is about not forgetting your childhood and always keeping a sense of wonder and imagination. I must say for a Disney Channel movie before the new millennium, the special effects were decent.

2. “Tower of Terror” (1997)

• OMG. OMG. OMG. Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst in the same movie! I love how this movie was modeled after the ride at Walt Disney World. Yes, I had to ride it once I saw the movie and was actually tall enough, and YES I will be riding it again when I go back in December. Now, it’s not a Disney Channel Original movie, but I’ll let it slide since it wasn’t released in theaters. Truth be told, I was scared of elevators after seeing this movie. Who knows when I’m just minding my own business in an elevator and BAM!, I’m zapped into nothing. It’s a legitimate fear. And…I always wanted to go to Tip Top Club. Themed party anyone?

1. “Halloweentown” (1998)

• It is one of the best, if not the best Disney Channel Original movie. This movie legitimized the Disney Channel as a tour de force for TV movies. How can you not love a town that thrives off the one day that children adore? And, DEBBIE REYNOLDS. I really wanted my grandmother to take some tips from her. She was AWESOME. Kalabar was awesome too and kind of cute. Don’t judge me. My favorite part is when Marnie (played by Kimberly J. Brown, another veteran), Dylan and Sophie go around to find all the ingredients for the witches brew: sweat of a ghost, werewolf hair, etc. Marnie said it best: “Halloween is cool” Yes, Marnie, yes it is.

Here they are guys. I hope all you ‘90s kids enjoy this trip down memory lane. These movies were a pivotal part of my childhood. I’m pretty sure if we protest, we can get a Disney Channel Original movie marathon. LET’S DO IT.

Happy Halloween (or Heeloween if you’re a Tar Heel like me)!