I'm Hooked

I am sorry this is my first blog post in 3 days and I apologize in advance if I don’t recap/comment on my fave shows immediately after. I have three tests this week. FML.

Back to Once Upon a Time. I just absolutely love this show. I love what Horowitz and Kitsis have done with this show. It had the ability to become cheesy and busy but they have mastered this storytelling. I applaud you guys.

I am sorry…but Dr.Whale will always be John Gilbert to me. He kind of acts the same way too. I love David Anders and I was DEVASTATED when he was killed off The Vampire Diaries. At the beginning of the episode, I was still kind of confused as to who his fairy tale character really was. But man did they get me.

HE IS FRANKENSTEIN. Mind blown. I initially thought all the characters were from fairy tales but I have been proven wrong. I’m actually kind of happy about this. As a huge fan of Mary Shelley’s novel, this is a great character to have on the canvas.

Mulan is pretty awesome. She is so pretty!

And Hook. Enough said. I am in SwoonLand. He has me mesmerized every time he comes on-screen. OUAT scored big with Colin O’Donoghue. He just oozes sexiness. He looks like he could be Ian Somerhalder’s brother so that is a major, major plus. Emma and the gang of girls come upon him in a field of death. He apparently is the only one to have survived Cora’s wrath. NOT. Emma, being the awesome beeyotch that she is, knows something doesn’t seem right. She calls Hook out on his shit and they tie him up for the ogres to nibble on.

Oh, but of course…Hook has some valuable information that could be of use to The Powderpuff Girls…Emma confronts him with a knife and tries to see through those ocean blue eyes to see if he is lying. Hook agrees to help the Emma and Snow get back to Storybrooke first instead of Cora but they have to find a magical compass.

Sidenote: Anyone else notice the MAJOR chemistry between Hook and Emma? I did. WOW. I’m shipping them.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina thinks she is seeing things because she catches a glimpse of Daniel in the middle of road. Is she going crazy? Is he alive?

Daniel is dead but Dr. Whale aka Frankenstein found a way to beat magic. With science. However, Daniel comes back all messed up in the head. He heads for the stables, which is the last memory he had in Fairy Tale Land. He tries to kill Henry and David and Regina come just in time to save him. Regina is just astonished to see Daniel in the flesh. She is so vulnerable in this moment. I love it. Daniel starts screaming and he is obviously in some major pain. Regina asks him what to do and he replies: “Let me go.” Those words get me every time (maybe it’s just because I’m still recovering from the Olivia/Fitz break-up from last week on Scandal). Those three words are just so powerful. I actually wondered whether Regina would be able to finally let him go. She is much stronger than I really give her credit for. She turned him into dust. She let the love of her life go. I sense a major bitch wrath coming on.

We did get a big background story on Regina and how she became to be Regina George (Mean Girls reference!). Rumplestiltskin was her mentor! So he is the one to ultimately blame for Regina embracing her evil side. Regina wants to bring Daniel back but as Rump says “Dead is dead”. The Mad Hatter comes into play and brings Frankenstein with him. Those three make a pretty good team don’t they?

Question: Wasn’t it Regina that left The Mad Hatter in Wonderland? He wasn’t The Mad Hatter before then and Regina had already gone full evil bitch on us. Maybe this was a plot hole? I don’t know. It was worth mentioning though.

Next week’s episode is going to be AWESOME. Hook and Emma have to work together to climb the beanstalk. Alone time. YAY! And, they encounter Jorge Garcia! It’s going to get good. Real good.