NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? Gossip Girl was supposed to be my 9pm distraction from Media Law but Hurricane Sandy (aka Slut) leaves me with a REPEAT. Kill me. As a southerner from the Piedmont area of North Carolina, I’m usually like “Whatever, its just a hurricane,” but Sandy is no joke. I really hope she doesn’t destroy NYC. That’s my place. What would the world be like without the Upper East Side?

The CW and CBS have decided to air repeats instead of original episodes…so all you GG and Five-O fans just go sit in a corner and cry (like me).

However, ABC is going to air its live Dancing with the Stars episode. You have courage, my friend. I just anticipate all these news stations butting in every 5 seconds. 

Elsewhere, Jimmy Kimmel, who was supposed to air live from Brooklyn tonight is instead taping in front of an empty audience. I might tune in if defamation and libel start to kill me.

As long as Sandy doesn’t derail my Thursday night line-up…I will be okay. If Sandy decides to go for the jugular (aka The Vampire Diaries) there will be hell to pay. As a Delena worshipper, I NEED this show on Thursday. And I need at 8pm without anyone intruding.