The Other Guys.

Oh, I love this picture on so many levels. I have waited for Klaus and Damon to team up for two seasons! I’ve always thought they were better suited for each other than Klaus and Stefan but that’s not important. Joseph Morgan and Ian Somerhalder are just perfection together. Julie Plec…PLEASE keep them in scenes together more often! But let me dig in to this episode a bit.

Elena is a vampire. And her emotions are “heightened.” I swear if I hear that again I might scream. As a fan of the books (of the ones ACTUALLY written by L.J. Smith) I’ve been waiting for TV Elena to turn and get some of that bitchiness and spunk from the book. We got a little of that tonight. I know she is a newbie vamp but Caroline was so bad-ass when she first turned…telling Damon “you suck” was priceless back in season 2. Anyways, I loved when Elena got back at Rebekah at little bit at her Anti-Curfew party but she still needs a Mean Girls tutorial. Rebekah on the other hand was FLAWLESS. I loved how she tempted Elena in school. And her catching that pencil Elena threw at her (WHOA). Very Katherine-esque. I really do like the idea of Rebekah’s character. I find myself sympathizing with her. I ship her and Matt. Matt needs a love interest. Zach Roerig is so freaking talented. I want him to have some fun. He is such a pivotal character in the show. He is the HUMAN anchor.

Let’s get back to the episode though. That Connor guy is cray-cray but I LOVE it. He is JUST what this show needs. Klaus was perfect in season 2. And Matt Davis (I can’t even tell you how much I love Alaric) was great in season 3. But this show was due for a new, great villain. I think ‘The Five’ vampire hunters will be awesome to watch play out.

So, Elena and Stefan along with Matt attempt to go to school. They must have the school compelled because they play hooky quite a lot. Like, they NEVER go to school. Elena gets a boo-boo from Rebekah and her and Stefan end up leaving.

Meanwhile, Damon (always the selfless guy) goes to Connor’s trailer to look for clues but basically just to kill him. He gets shot by these arrows attached to bombs (WHOA). He doesn’t call Stefan but instead calls Meredith to help. Okay, I will admit this now. I am a hard-core Delena fan. I will do my best to be fair to the Stelena fans of the world. At the moment, while Elena has chosen Stefan I TOTALLY ship Damon and Meredith. I think she is EXACTLY what he needs right now. Someone he can talk to, someone to keep him grounded. And he will have a friend at the bar. RIP ALARIC. Plus, it will make Elena real jealous (I just anticipate this HUGE blow-up at a Mystic Falls or Lockwood party event…very similar to the Dawson/Joey/Pacey one at the prom in Dawson’s Creek season 3…and Stefan aka Dawson will be the one to lose it).

Meredith helps Damon escape and tells him he is handling the Elena choosing Stefan thing very well. Sob. He ends up calling Tyler to help with taking down Connor but Klaus answers the phone instead. YAY. They meet up and turn the weapons used on Damon back onto Connor. Damon basically says “I’m bad” and Klaus says “I’m worst” and Connor’s like “you got nothin’ on me” and BAM that office supply room blows up. At first, I thought Connor was a goner (that rhymed) but I knew that they weren’t going to kill this guy off so soon…I will come back to this in a little bit.

Before Damon tried calling Tyler, he awoke to bodyguards in his house. If I were him, I would be HAPPY about this. Klaus is protecting him because he is one of the few hybrids he has left. I don’t know why, Tyler tried to kill Klaus.

Another huge happening in the Lockwood mansion…PHOEBE TONKIN. I love this girl. She was perfection on The Secret Circle (RIP). I was overjoyed…I literally screamed when she was cast on The Vampire Diaries. Her character is Hayley, a friend of Tyler’s who helped him break his sire bond in the Appalachian mountains. Man, Tonkin and Michael Trevino had chemistry. I’m pretty sure, Tyler cheated on Caroline in a moment of weakness. Sob. But Hayley was sexy, flirty, and fun. Mystic Falls needs some spice like her. Keep her. Is anyone but me waiting till Tonkin and Somerhalder share a scene? It will be palpable to say the least.

In the meantime, Stefan took Elena out for some “fun”. Why can’t they just go to the Grill and give Matt a huge tip for some fun? He takes her out on a motorcycle. They are wearing helmets…don’t know why. And she stands up on the motorcycle (seriously thought she was going to fall). I thought this scene was cheesy. I didn’t like it. I feel like it’s forced. Stefan and Elena end up having this make-out session. She starts to bring out the fangs and such… to me Stefan seems weirded out. I think he doesn’t know what to do with the fact that Elena is a vampire. He loved her back when she was human and I think Vamp Elena reminds him of Katherine a little too much (BTW, where is Katherine?!).

Since she one-upped Rebekah and drank from that keg stand…Elena is now getting sick from the werewolf venom Connor put in the drinks. Stefan calls Klaus to help. I loved the line when Klaus says “One voicemail has the same effect as nine” HAHA. Before this, Klaus finds out Connor is one of ‘The Five’ (dun dun dun). For some reason, Klaus needs to keep him alive. I’m intrigued. And now doppelgänger Elena has a new purpose for Klaus. She is saved. Yay.

Elena goes home and Matt is there. She starts feeding on him and she gets greedy. I’m like Stop, Elena, Stop! And who comes in to save the day? DAMON. Man I love it. He is the other guy Elena just can’t get enough of. By the way, when he was undressing in front of her while she was trying to find the White-Oak stake…she totally wanted him (Did anyone picture Ian as Christian Grey in this scene? Cause I did). He stops her from killing Matt and tells her he will help her. Swoon. This guy loves her so much that he is willing to help her even though she chose his brother. I also think he knows that he is pushing her with temptation and she will break soon (hopefully in next week’s episode…AH!).

Overall, a great episode. I love Klaus and Damon teaming up…they are truly “The Other Guys” that everyone on the show needs. Jeremy is adorable. And I just know his storyline concerning the vampire hunters is going to be huge.

Off to class. Meh. See you on the flip side. Happy Friday!