The Fixing of Right and Wrong

So close yet so far. I knew this episode of Scandal was coming but it didn’t lessen the hurt any. Fitz let Olivia go. It broke my heart for these two. I know, I know, he was pretty cruel to her in the last episode, but these two people love each other. They are each other’s soul mates. I will analyze further in a bit.

Oh, and there is something rotten in Denmark, and everything leads to the White House. My mouth dropped when I saw that ending.

So, Abby and David are sleeping together. OK… I like the fact that Olivia Pope and Associates isn’t as solid as it once seemed. Abby was always the sly one. I can see her exposing Olivia. However, Olivia did save her, and I would hope that would count for something. David is getting close to cracking whatever it is that binds Olivia, Cyrus, Mellie, Verna and Hollis. Whatever it is…it’s huge. Also, his conspiracy theory wall reminded me of Carrie’s from Homeland.

Mellie and Fitz are not just doing well, but what’s new. Bellamy Young portrays Mellie with just the right amount of bitchiness and wit. Her words burn Fitz, and she knows it. She ultimately knows that Fitz’s heart lies with Olivia but that doesn’t mean she can’t annihilate him verbally about it. I wonder if Mellie was ever in love with someone else. It would seem that if she knew she was in a loveless marriage that she would turn to someone else. I still think this baby isn’t Fitz’s, or something will go horribly wrong, and the baby will die (You’re thinking, fatalist much? I’ve seen WAY too many soap operas to know that’s how it’s going to go down.)

Meanwhile, Olivia and the Scooby Gang deal with another case. They’re dealing with murder of a college coed. I don’t really want to focus on the case itself but rather what it brought out in the characters.

Huck is losing it. His speech at the end of show gave me goose bumps. “Earlier tonight I went out. I went out hard. I drank a lot of whiskey. I wish I could say I didn’t enjoy it, that I felt sick to my stomach, couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror afterward, but I can’t say that. Because it was perfect. And that kind of perfection doesn’t make me feel weak. It makes me feel strong. I looked at myself in the mirror and I finally recognized that person I once knew so well. That person who went out all the time, sometimes just for fun. And now that I’ve seen that person again, I don’t know if I could ever go back.”

Guillermo Díaz performed that scene with just the perfect amount of restraint and lunacy. I really hope he doesn’t go off the deep end. I have hope Olivia will come through for him and help him out. He is definitely someone I want to learn more about.

Now, to my favorite part of the episode…anything and everything Olivia and Fitz. I just loved how one minute she is sitting at a table with people around her, and the next minute it is dead silent. Fitz sits down with her and tells her what the deal is about the case. She believes the girl’s death with go “unavenged,” but Fitz’s hands are tied. Now, to the good stuff… Fitz wanted to see her. Ahhhh! You can tell that Olivia is coming unhinged just by her body language and her sharp responses back to him. And then he says it: “You must really hate me for falling in love with you.” BAM. I’m done for. Every mean thing he said in the last episode I totally forgot. Olivia responds, “How is there a future here?” I am now even more done for. They are both desperate for each other. They know being together is impossible. They are just trying to do something proactive; something they think will make things easier because every time they are in each other’s sight, it’s just painful not being able to be together. Swoon. This is totally Shonda Rhimes. I have faith that she will find some way to reunite these two. Olivia will break one of these days; we got a little glimpse of that when she was alone in the restaurant and pretty much lost it. I want her to admit how much she loves Fitz because up until now it has been one-sided. I anticipate a rekindling of the love interest between Olivia and Edison Davis. But they don’t have near the chemistry of Olivia and Fitz. It’s exactly like Meredith with Finn in season two versus Meredith and Derek. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn just exude raw chemistry. They don’t even have to say a word and the scene is palpable. There is no competition here.

The scene with Verna at the hospital was epic too. Verna hits the nail right on the head when she says “I’ve seen you two together. You breathe in-sync.” THANK YOU VERNA. You are preaching to the choir! Olivia, of course, denies it…I think not only to save her reputation but also to deny it to herself. And again, Verna asks the right questions to Olivia: 
“Have you ever stopped to consider how painful it’s going to be if you succeed? If he actually does walk away?”

THANK YOU. THANK YOU VERNA. Someone finally interrogates Olivia about Fitz.

“And you’re pushing him away because you think it’s the right thing to do, as if right and wrong are fixed.”

Olivia thinks she can fix this relationship she has with Fitz. But it’s so much bigger than her. Fitz is her soul mate; her twin flame. It is something that cannot be fixed. It is in the stars. I need these two to be together. Shonda, work your magic.

I just don’t know what to make of the ending with the round table of Olivia, Mellie, Cyrus, Hollis and Verna. I have NO IDEA what is going on with this. And how is Quinn involved?!?! Is Fitz totally out of the loop? I NEED ANSWERS.

Oh, Scandal…what you do to me!