Just to Clear Things Up.

This blog isn’t just going to be about my favorite TV shows and the ships I am obsessed with. I’m pretty much obsessed with everything entertainment (films and books are all fair game). I will also delight you with posts about myself and my life here as a southern girl in good ole’ NC. I’m pretty flawed. But hey, who isn’t. I love to laugh. Anyone who can make me laugh is golden. At a time when my life was really dark, television and movies got me through it. I transported myself to the world of Mystic Falls, Newport, 1860s Atlanta, Dillon, Texas, The Roaring Twenties to get away.
This photo is of my siblings and I. Can you guess which one is me? Yeah, it’s the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny 20-year old on the right (my nickname in high school was Babyhands…pretty positive my hands stopped growing when I was five). My brother Will is on the right. He is just the best. So mature, so smart, so much potential. He is perfection. My sister Katy is in the middle. That’s funny because she is the middle child. She is the most talented person I have ever known. She and I fight like dogs but I get chills every time I watch her perform in competitive cheerleading. I’m here biggest cheerleader and supporter. I root for her. I admire her determination in school…I just wish she wasn’t so afraid of taking control. This picture was taken the day of my dad’s burial. I don’t want to get into that now because that deserves its own post and so much more. So much more. I just think this picture is perfect of us. I hold us all together I think. My mom and I have decided we’re the more sane modern-day Wingo’s (if you don’t know that family and you live in the South…leave). So I’ll pretty much post on everything from television to film to books to life…anything goes.

See ya!