Daily Routine

This is the first time I’ve been up before 7am in a LONG time. Like maybe since freshman year. I know, I’m pathetic. A girl’s gotta sleep though. Anyways, you want to know what I do EVERYDAY to actually start my day? Yeah, you guessed it. I go online to Entertainment Weekly, TVLine, and Zap2it (really only Carina MacKenzie’s page because I love her perspective and humor) and read the recaps from my favorite shows. It always starts on Sundays…and I have to add has a SOLID line-up of my favorite shows…i.e. Once Upon A Time, Revenge, Homeland, The Walking Dead. I don’t even have to think about doing it. It’s the first thing I do EVERY morning. I even do it before I check my e-mail and that’s HUGE. So, what did I read this morning? Oh, you know the usual Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal (which I will post more on today) and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (I just love…no I adore this show). I really love reading other people’s perspective on the show, it’s refreshing. More posts to come today! Stay tuned.